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AHI Pool Inspections is owned and operated by Peter Muehlbronner and is a subsidiary of the residential consulting firm, AHI Inc.   Peter's broad background in the residential construction, construction consulting,   building inspection and environmental testing fields give a unique perspective to the Pool Inspection service.   Peter is a NSPF Certified Pool Inspector & Certified Pool Operator and personally performs each site Inspection.

"We are driven to provide our clients with a level of service that exceeds their expectations, from the first point of contact, through to answering follow up questions, welcoming the opportunity to help with future questions, even long after our service is performed" - Peter Muehlbronner

The reliance upon the Inspection findings is paramount to the safety and ownership of a swimming pool.   Providing accurate and appropriate information to allow the client to make an informed decision is very rewarding.    

ConsultingRoundQuestionMarkOur Pool Inspection service started due to the recognition of a general lack of information for the buyer, as it pertains to the conditions, operation and safety of pool systems which were involved in the transfer or sale of residential property.   While the Home, Termite, Radon, Lead, Mold, Water Quality, Well, Septic and or Asbestos concerns were typically addressed under the umbrella of the Agreement of Sale, very little, if anything, was said or done about the pool.     This realization was the driving force to take pioneering steps to develop and implement a formal approach to handling the Inspection of residential in-ground pool system.  

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