Services Fees

Complete Pool Inspection

Our comprehensive evaluation of the typical In-Ground residential swimming pool includes mechanical systems and safety components performed by a Certified Pool Inspector.  This Inspection is typically performed during the "Pool Season" when the pool is up and running and all equipment is installed and operational.

Inspection Fee (may vary): $350.00

Refer to "Pool Inspection Details" page for in-depth explanation of Pool Inspection scope

Cover Removal/Reinstallation

During the "Off Sesaon" or in some cases when a home is vacant cover removal and or reinstallation may be required.  Our cost for the removal and or reinstallation of pool cover prior to and or after Inspection performed are as follows:

Removal Fee (may vary): $35.00

Reinstallation Fee (may vary): $35.00

Leak Detection Services

Fee (if performed in addition to a Complete Pool Inspection): $175 & Up

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